The Affordable Care Act has been called a lot of things – now call it the law

Thursday, June 28th, 2012 @ 1:59PM

DALLAS — Since its turbulent passage in 2010, the American Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been called a lot of things, including unconstitutional, a government takeover of healthcare and an unprecedented overreach, often tagged with the intended derisive label of Obamacare. But as of today, it can be called the law of the land.

This morning, in a 5-4 decision authored by Chief Justice John Roberts, the U.S. Supreme Court laid its long-awaited imprint on President Barack Obama’s landmark healthcare reform legislation. The ruling came as a surprise to many who were all but certain the ACA would be struck down by a conservative-leaning court. But at least half of Americans have had their faith in government at least temporarily renewed.

Already, foes of the law are mounting forces for its repeal. But as the President said in a noon address, it’s time to move forward, not to rehash the arguments and vitriol of the past two years.

It’s hard to see why a law that keeps insurance companies from cancelling coverage on policy-holders who they determine to have spent too much on claims for benefits they’ve paid for is a bad thing. It’s equally confusing that opponents don’t feel the anxiety of seniors – many on fixed incomes – who see their resources fall into the “donut hole,” swallowed by ever-rising prescription medicine costs. Those same health care reform critics must also see nothing wrong with denying parents coverage for their children who suffer from chronic illnesses like asthma.

Much has been said and written about healthcare reform and many more chapters are sure to come. But today, I’m calling it a victory for working-class Americans and their families. And as confirmed today by the Supreme Court, it’s also the law! And yes, don’t you think that Obama does care?

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