Smart on Crime

Protection from Racial Profiling
Texas was one of the first states in the country to have a racial profiling law.  The law, authored by Senator West in 2001, required law enforcement agencies to collect data on citations issued and arrests made from traffic stops and equipped police cars with video cameras and voice activated microphones to prevent profiling based on race by law enforcement.

Statewide Standard for DNA Analysis
Using DNA in criminal cases has become standard procedure, yet standards in storing DNA evidence have been different depending on local police policy.  Senator West took action, ensuring that the process for the collection, analysis, retention and destruction of biological evidence (DNA) are the same in every city across the state of Texas.

Copper Theft
The theft of copper has become a huge problem in every corner of the state, particularly with residential homes, schools and churches.  In an effort to stop this trend, Senator West created a database for reporting scrap yard sales of items containing copper, brass and bronze; with scrap yards facing $1,000 a day fines for not registering.  The law also requires scrap yards to photograph anyone selling regulated materials to deter unlawful sales.