Protecting Families

Kinship Care
Research shows that children who have been removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect fare better when they are placed with “kin” rather than with non-relatives.  Senator West crafted legislation providing financial resources for families taking in children who would otherwise go into the foster care system in Texas.

Protecting Your Good Name
Texans go a long way to protect their good names.  Before Senator West took action on criminal identity fraud, a person had no way of knowing if a criminal used their identity falsely during an arrest.  West changed the law to require a citizen to be contacted by law enforcement agencies once confirmed that their identity had been used falsely in relation to criminal activity.

Preventing Heat Related Deaths of Children
We have all seen too many stories about children, who during hot Texas summers, have died while locked inside automobiles. That’s why Senator West passed law requiring licensed day-care centers to install electronic safety alarms in all vehicles owned or leased by the centers that are designed to seat eight or more people and used to transport children in their care.