University of North Texas at Dallas
Understanding the need for a public university in the City of Dallas, Senator West worked tirelessly to pave the way for the creation of UNT-Dallas, located in the heart of District 23.  The new UNT-Dallas Law School will be located in downtown Dallas and authorization for a School of Pharmacy has also been secured.  These public institutions provide Dallas residents and those from North Central Texas with affordable access to achieving their higher education goals.

Top Ten Percent
Senator West is a champion of the Top Ten Percent rule, which allows automatic admission to any state college or university for students graduating in the top 10% of their class.  This legislation has leveled the playing field for both rural and urban students competing for access to the best schools in Texas.  This legislation ensures the same opportunity for every student in the state that attains top levels of academic achievement in their high school.

Decreasing Dropouts, Increasing Graduates
Seeking a solution to the high dropout rate in Texas, Senator West sponsored groundbreaking new law allowing an optional three-year high school diploma that would graduate high-performing students early and use the extra savings to fund prekindergarten programs in the Dallas Independent School District.  Studies show that prekindergarten programs greatly reduce dropout rates and increase graduation rates.