Dallas Democrats Win Lawsuit Filed By The GOP

Monday, March 19th, 2018 @ 6:50AM

March 19, 2018: Judge Christi Kennedy, a visiting Republican judge from Smith County, categorically rejected a lawsuit by the Dallas County Republican Party and GOP judicial candidate Michael Lee which sought to knock incumbent Democratic Judge Staci Williams off the ballot today as a result of alleged deficiencies in her nominating papers.

“We are delighted by the judge’s ruling,” said Dallas County Democratic Party Chair Carol Donovan. “This was a cynical political lawsuit filed by the Republicans to subvert the will of the electorate and achieve, through litigation, what the Republican Party could not hope to attain at the ballot box. The judge’s decision ensures that the voters- and not a court – will decide the outcome of this election.”

Chad Baruch, one of the lawyers for the Democratic Party commented, “This decision reinforces what we have been saying from the beginning, which is that Texas judges decide these cases based on the law and not on politics. Despite cynical suggestions to the contrary, our judges rise above partisan politics in discharging their duty to apply the law. We are delighted that the judge did so in this case, and we never doubted the outcome.”

Judge Williams was represented in the case by George “Tex” Quesada, Anthony Farmer, and Thomas R. Phillips. The Dallas County Democratic Party was represented by Chad Baruch, Randy Johnston, and Sarah Duncan.

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